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Sunday, February 5

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The death of a natural resource… 

The water that serveth all that country is 
drawn by ditches out of the River Oxus, into the great 
destruction of the said river, for which it cause it falleth 
not into the Caspian Sea as it hath done in times past, and 
in short time all that land is like to be destroyed, and to become 
a wilderness for want of water, when the river of Oxus shall fail. 

Anthony Jenkinson, 1558

On the pier, I wasn’t seeing anything, I could see only a graveyard of ships,” Ban told reporters after arriving in Nukus, the nearest sizable city and capital of the autonomous Karakalpak region.

It is clearly one of the worst disasters, environmental disasters of the world. I was so shocked,

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 2011

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